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Tuition / Grade Levels 2019-20 School Year

Registration Fee is $175 for all new students. The registration fee is due at the time the application is accepted and is non-refundable. The registration fee is 50% off if paid by May 1st and 25% off if paid by June 1st.

Book Fees - one time due by June 15

3 Year Old Preschool    $135

4 Year Old Preschool    $158

Kindergarten                 $195

1st Grade-8th Grade    $350

Tuition- All yearly fees reflect a $200 discount if paid in full by Aug. 1

Half-day Preschool Program 8:30-12:00         Yearly     10 Month

3 Year Olds, 3 Day Program Mon, Wed, Fri    $2350       $255

3 Year Olds, 5 Day Program Mon-Fri               $3100       $330

4 Year Olds, 5 Day Program Mon-Fri               $3100       $330


Primary, Elementary and Middle School Grades 8:30-3:00         Yearly       10 Month

K-8th Grade Mon-Fri                                                                          $3900          $410


Tuition is due by the first of the month and is late if received after the fifth of the month. You will be charged a $10 late fee after the 5th and $5 each day afterward until paid. Your schedule will be August 1st to May 1st. Book Fees are due June 15th.

There is a $25 charge for all checks returned to us by your bank for any reason. If two checks are returned, the account is on a cash basis. We are unable to accept postdated checks. Please discuss any tuition payment problems with the director/principal. If you have an emergency and cannot pay on time, please notify the academy as soon as possible.

Students picked up after the scheduled pick-up time will result in a fee of $1.00 for each 1 minute late

Age Requirements

Children entering the 3 Year Old Program must be 3 no later than August 1.
Children entering the 4 Year Old Program must be 4 no later than August 1.
Children entering the Kindergarten Program must be 5 no later than August 1.
Children entering the first grade must have completed kindergarten.

Graduation Fee

A Kindergarten Graduation fee of $50.00 will be due on March 1 for all kindergarten students. This will be used for fees associated with the graduation program, cap, and gown.


Multi-Student Discount - are given for families with more than one student enrolled at LWA. Monthly tuition is 100% for the oldest child, discounted 10% for the second child, 25% for the third child, 50% for each child thereafter.

Church Member Discounts -  Active members (participating and tithing) of Living Word Baptist Church will receive a 10% discount for their first child. The Multi-student discount will apply after the first child.

To request more information:

Contact the Admissions Office

Mon-Fri 8am - 3pm



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